Fly Kan® UFDD-1 USB External Floppy Disk Drive

Fly Kan UFDD-1 USB Floppy Disk DriveNearly all of the present computers and notebooks are shipped without a floppy drive. However, the need for a floppy drive still exists; the old, 3.5" floppy d

  • Model No.:UFDD-1
  • Color:Black
Fly Kan UFDD-1 USB Floppy Disk Drive

Nearly all of the present computers and notebooks are shipped without a floppy drive. However, the need for a floppy drive still exists; the old, 3.5" floppy disk is still one of the most used media types in the world. Small files like drivers, software updates, patches for operating systems, anti-virus updates and boot-diskettes are still being shipped on floppy disks. Also, a lot of people still have old text files, spreadsheets, pictures etc saved on floppy disks. So there will always come a time when you need a floppy drive for a software update, to access some of your old data, or you need a diskette to quickly save a small file on. The new Freecom External USB Floppy Drive is all that you need. Affordable, easy to use, lightweight: very portable and very convenient. Installing the USB floppy drive could not be easier: Just plug it into the USB port of your computer and you're ready to go! The UFDD-1External USB Floppy Drive is also a very cost-effective replacement for when your existing floppy drive is broken.

The Features
■ Plug-and-Play compatibility
■ Reads and writes high-density 3.5-inch floppy disks
■ No external AC power adapter required (self-powered via USB cable connection)
■ Supports iMac, iBook, G3, G4 and IBM PC compatible computers that have a working USB port
■ USB Transfer Rate of 12 Mb/sec (max)

Fly Kan UFDD-1 USB Floppy Disk Drive

INTERFACE: USB 1.1 (12 Mbit/s), USB 2.0 compatible
POWER REQUIREMENTS: power via USB port, no power adapter required
MEDIA STANDARDS: 3.5” Floppy Disks, double sided high-density
DIMENSIONS: 14.2 x 10.3 x 1.7 cm
WEIGHT: 280 g
Operating temperature: 10° C / 35° C
Storage temperature: -20° C / 70° C


The USB Floppy Disk Drive requests no drive.
The QIG EN Version can be download.

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Fly Kan UFDD-1 USB Floppy Disk Drive

• Depending on the computer’s BIOS/Setup settings, the floppy disk drive may be bootable, e.g.for a DOS boot disk. However, this depends on the BIOS/Setup used. It may be necessary to connect the drive directly to a USB port on the computer rather than to a USB hub.
• Please note that there are, generally speaking, two different types of USB ports:

(a) Low power USB port
Can supply a max. current of 100 mA. This could be, for instance, a USB port on a hub without its own power supply, e.g. on a USB keyboard. This type of port is not suitable for connection to the floppy disk drive.

(b) High power USB port
This can supply a current of up to 500 mA, for example a USB port on a hub with its own power supply, or on a motherboard/computer (front and back). This type of port is required for operating the floppy disk drive. You can also, of course, connect the USB floppy disk drive to a USB3.0 port; these supply a current up to 900 mA. However, a USB3.0 port will not make the floppy disk drive any faster.

The drive cannot be recognized
■ The drive hasn't been connected correctly. Make sure that the USB cable and power connector are tightly connected.
■ If you installed a USB 2.0 PCI card, make sure that the PCI card driver has been installed.
■ If your PC has a built-in USB 2.0 port and you are using Windows 98SE, install the driver.
■ Check the BIOS settings.

The drive can't read the disk
■ Make sure that the proper disk is inserted in the drive.
■ The USB FDD supports DOS-formatted 1.44MB and 720 kb disks.
■ The USB FDD supports Mac-formatted 1.4 MB disks. The USB FDD does not support Mac-formatted 800 kb disks.
There is noise while reading the disk.
■ If there are labels on the disk, they will cause noise
The drive cannot write to a disk.
■ The floppy disk is too full.
■ The blank disk needs a full format first.

Message reads: “The USB device cannot operate because it needs more power than is available.
■ If the USB FDD is connected via a USB hub, use a self-powered USB hub with an AC adapter.
■ Do not connect the USB FDD to the USB port of a Macintosh keyboard.
■ Connect the USB FDD to a USB port on the computer.

Fly Kan UFDD-1 USB Floppy Disk Drive


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