Fly Kan® AVC03M-C-A Android USB Video Capture Device for Smartphone / Tablet

An easy to use not need external power and you can Edit your video and movies for professional Andorid Users .What's more, USB 2.0 S - Video Capture Enables you to grab video from an S-Video or Composite video source, as well as the accompanying 2-channel RCA audio, to your Ubuntu computer. Note: Please DO check your Mobile Devices' Compatibility In Advance.

  • Modell Nr.:AVC03M-C-A
  • Teil Nr.:1010103010302
  • Farbe:Black

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Fly Kan® AVC03M-C-A Android USB Video Capture Device for Smartphone / Tablet
With Micro USB Port (Andorid Video Grabber,OTG/UVC Enabled)

Let us digitize your videotapes to the latest digital formats for you to share with friends and family for generations to come.

Purchase Guidance:

Android 二维码.jpg   ■ USB 2.0 Audio and Video Capture Ability (OTG Cable Included)
   ■ Driver Free for Android OS X (Android 5+,OTG,UVC etc Must Be Available) - Application Software
       Is Available From Google Shop
   ■ An OTG Cable is packed inside. You do not need extra OTG Cable Purchase.
   ■ For HuaWei SmartPhones, the CPU must be 950 or later.
   ■ OS Compatibility- For Android 5+, OTG,UVC functioned Must be Available
   ■ The USB Grabber does not support duplicate any copy-right protected contents. It's against right property.

As for the Fly Kan® VHS to DVD Video Capture Card, We've made it to recover thousands of hours of family memories from outdated formats like vhs, camcorder, cassette tapes.
The Fly Kan® VHS Video Grabber is providing VHS to Digital Service.It preserve videos
at the original resolution, with no quality loss. Every birthday party, softball game, holiday get together,wedding reception - keep them all with you.

Video Audio Conversion Solution - Save your precious memories
Capture convert old vhs,vhs c,vcr,8mm or camcorder tapes to dvd digital formats.Save your memories from your wedding,graduation,family vacation and more.

Analog to Digital Video Conversion Solution - Save and share your precious memories!
With Just several steps, you will archive your videotape collection onto DVD or other digital formats. Complete with a video capture device, usb cable,RCA AV Cables, you can save your
precious memories from your old VHS,Betaxmax,Camcorder tapes,Hi8 and more.

■ Convert VHS home movies to digital format - Connect your VCR, camcorder, or any other analog video source to your PC and capture your audio/video in MPEG 1/2 format.
■ Import recorded videos onto your Windows computer for editing, and make your own compilation.
The Tested Mobiles Reference:
OPPO R9s (v6.0.1)
■ vivo X9 (v6.0.1)
■ ivvi V056
■ Samsung Note 4
■ Samsung S5
■ Samsung S6
■ Samsung on7

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