【FLY KAN】U2AUDIO21-1A USB Gaming Sound Card

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【FLY KAN】U2AUDIO21-1A USB Gaming Sound Card

                               - The first one in the market which catches up present Game Earphone’s Design.

FlyKan launched another practical gadget namely USB2.1 Audio Adapter with Model Number U2AUDIO21-1A. The FlyKan U2AUDIO21-1A gives users two kinds of Audio Interface, i.e. Stereo Right/Left Jacks (Male jacks x 2, which connects a 2.1 speakers smoothly. As we understand that a 2.1 Audio system speakers’ Audio jacks always are females.) and a 4-Position Earphone Jack (Female), which supports most of the Game Earphone in the market by a direct connection. So the users can utilize FlyKan’s MIC function. [Note: The MIC jack supports only mono audio input. For a standard connection, this is enough.] It's the first one in the market which catches up present Game Earphone’s Design.

The FlyKan U2AUDIO21-1A is also a cool companion to PS4 Pro users. We cannot find any Audio jacks on PS4 Pro Console, There are only a 3.5mm Audio Interface at the Game Pad. The earphone’s wire always touches the hand. That’s a bit wired experience during gaming with PS4 Pro Game Pad. But this will be changed once we plug the FlyKan U2AUDIO21-1A to the PS4 Pro's USB Port. 2 options of Audio Jack connections improve your gaming experience.

                             1. Enhance PS4 Pro Gamer Experience


The FlyKan U2AUDIO21-1A offers 1.2-meter length cable for user. It’s enough to a earphone or a headphone or a 2.1 Audio System. And       solves wired-touching gamers’ hand issue.

           2. Improve Integrated Speakers on a TV or a Monitor


By connecting the Left/Right Stereo Audio Jacks to their 2.1 Home       Audio Speaker, the gamer can control the Sound Effects. Of course, to a 2.1 System Speaker this improvement won’t be large.

3. Release Gamers Ears from Head-Phone pressure (RCA L/R Audio Interface)
Long time of gaming with a Head-Phone or Earphone arise a bit large pressures to ears. This is harmful to the health, especially to young guys or kids. Most of the Game Console gives the warning on their manuals or guides.


Tip: FlyKan U2AUDIO21-1A also have been marketing high levels of 5.1 or 7.1 External Gaming Sound Adapter.

By using 3.5mm Audio Jack. This FlyKan U2AUDIO21-1A Audio Adapter supports only 4-Position 3.5mm Earphone, an earphone supports MIC input. Most of the Interactive Game Users prefer it. To a game without Interactive, there is no need to use the MIC input, the choices rest on a 3-Position earphone or a headset or a separate speaker system.



While to a PC user, the FlyKan U2AUDIO21-1A gives the user a rather wide compatibility, like Windows OS, macOS X, and Ubuntu and even the OTG enabled Andorid Tablet/Smart Phone.

■ Desktop Users
A desktop give users much more powerful choice on Sound Output. Most of the PC has integrated sound card on the main board. But most of the PC 3.5mm audio jack don’t support a 4-Section earphone or headphone. In this case, we may resort to FlyKan U2AUDIO21-1A. It has the 4-Section 3.5mm audio jack (female). Or just want to release ears from wave pressure of a earphone or a headphone, we can resort to the external 2.1 speaker system. Now the FlyKan U2AUDIO21-1A is on the spot.


Notebook Users
The FlyKan helps the Port limited Laptop/Notebook expand an extra 3.5mm audio jack and a stereo L/R Stereo audio jack.


Mobile Andorid Table/Smartphone Users
With FlyKan U2AUDIO21-1A OTG function, it works directly with all of OTG enabled Andorid tablet or smartphone. However The FlyKan U2AUDIO21-1A does not offer OTG cable.



Besides the above-mentioned devices, we also have a test on XiaoMi Box, the FlyKan U2AUDIO21-1A runs perfectly as well.Welcome more of your tests.


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