DriverGenius USB 3.1(G1) / 3.0 UHS-II SD Card Reader Review

2019/10 22

The DriverGenius UHS-II SD Card Reader (model U3CR08-DG) is a compact single-slot SD card reader that works with UHS-II, UHS-I and non-UHS Secure Digital cards.

The DriverGenius reader has a plastic body and includes a cover for the USB connector. The Type-A male USB connector is sits close to the body of the reader and may block adjacent USB ports. SD cards insert deep into the reader and in a somewhat counterintuitive fashion, the contacts of the SD card must face up, rather than label side up. The reader has a blue LED indicator light that is on steady when a card is present and blinks when the card is accessed. More of the detailed testing result, Please refer to :